TransformAction Outcomes That Matter

Care outcomes involve developmental achievements shaped through relationships with children and young people in out-of-home placement.

Measuring these outcomes has become a contemporary requirement for child, youth and family service providers throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Service providers are required to demonstrate accountability through achieving outcomes associated with personal resilience, as well as addressing funding and policy targets.

Cost effectiveness, care planning, service evaluations and fiscal audits are now commonplace with the aim of improving out-of-home care, education and
treatment outcomes.

Care outputs are frequently confused with care outcomes - care outputs are what carers and teachers do, while care outcomes are what achievements children demonstrate in their daily lives. 

Policy outcomes, service outcomes and developmental outcomes achieved by children and young people in out-of-home care are also frequently confused. While all 3 types of outcomes are important, few attempts have been made to systematically monitor and report on developmental outcomes that children and young people achieve during their stay in out-of-home care until now.

These are the outcomes that really matter - outcomes that are child and young person centred, trauma-informed, strengths-based and developmentally

Measuring 20 Developmental Outcomes that Matter

The OTM advantage

The OTM system is designed to simplify the recording and reporting of Outcomes That Matter:

Self-administration of secure log in for all carers, teachers and others with unique identifiers for children and young people ensuring confidentiality

Weekly recording of observations and interactions noticed by you and your young person across 20 developmental outcomes within the Circle of Courage domains of Belonging, Master, Independence and Generosity






 Automated reporting of quantitative data and developmental progress using line or bar graphs in 2D or 3D


Export qualitative data and commentary into excel for bespoke reporting requirements


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